Sunday, July 12, 2009

'Fine Tuned" her transformation

Kellie Davis

"I used one of Wet Wolf's Training programs to carry me through up until my first NPC figure show and photo shoot. I noticed that my delts were nice and rounded, my quads were well-defined, and my abs were ripped without adding thickness to my waist. "

Monday, July 6, 2009

Huge Transformation!

Jess LaRue

Went from 186 down to 154!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amazing ABS Transformation!

8 Weeks on the Customized Oscillating Macronutrient Eating Pattern & Weight Training and Metabolic Program.

From Buddah Belly to 6 pack!

Performed less "cardio" then ever before !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Figure Show Transformation --> 1st Place!

12 week Contest Prep Program

Starting BF%: 22%

Finish BF%: 14%

1st place short class and Overall figure winner.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bikini Model Transformation!

12 week transformation

Weight Training and Metabolic Program

Starting BF%: 20%
Finish BF%: 13.5%

Gained 6 lbs of muscle!

" I followed Wet Wolf's training programs and experienced change in my body that I never thought possible in such a short period of time. The workouts were very challanging and lef me sore in places I had never been sore before. I cut out my cardio almost completely and was my leanest and most muscular ever."

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Program: Customized Eating Pattern & Training Program

Duration: 12 weeks and counting....

Current Progress thus far:

Fat Loss: 30 lbs

Muscle Gain: 12 lbs

Weight Loss: 18 lbs

Inches Lost off Waist: 8.5"

Goal: Additional 25lb of fat loss

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weight Training and Metabolic Training No Cardio!= Built muscle , Burned body fat and Slashed time of her 15km time!

Weights at End of Program – up to 30kg one arm row x 8, 30kg db press x 6, handstand pushups against wall and rollover to standup (yeah I can do them now).
Much better at sprints.



Well I have to say that I really enjoyed the twelve weeks on this program. At times I found it challenging and wanted to quit as this isn’t what I was used to and like you said you have to really give something a fair go to see how it works for you.

What initially intrigued me to give it ago was the Kiss Bodybuilding Workouts good bye article. I was the person you were talking about – doing six part splits, eating the exact same diet everyday into comp, doing cardio up the wazoo six days a week.
And it did “work” for the comp but like the article I wanted to see if I could get my program to “work” even better.

At Christmas I was tired and plateaued. Is this the type of training I was going to have to do forever to keep my body in shape? I was getting depressed. Whenever I tried to drop my cardio sessions down my weight would creep up. The idea that more could be done with less in the article sounded good.
15 minutes of cardio! Metabolic cardio! No bodypart splits!
During this program life hasn’t been easy. We moved last year to a new country with my partner and we are setting up our own business. So with the program life was also going a bit haywire. I worked twenty eight days straight at one period doing our business and jobs to pay our bills. I liked how the plans were short and sweet and I didn’t have to train twice a day.
One thing with the programs is they get noticed. So many times trainers came up and asked me about the program and what I was doing. Two girls came up and asked me if I could train them. My favorite was when one of the big boys at the gym got down on the floor and started doing the hip pops and the single leg squats.
I think I liked the Kiss Bodybuilding and Total Body workouts the best. The half body program I found a little boring but that could be it was more similar to my splits I have done before. I found it a new challenge and a lot more fun than my usual workouts. During the half body workouts I got a bit sick and run down. Again this would be due mostly to life factors and not training. The Total Body Assault again busted my butt and I kept pushing to go harder. All in all the programs were fun to do and I always looked forward to them.
In terms of body change well I think I wrote when I started that I was already very lean so I didn't drop alot of bodyfat but I did build muscle an get stronger.

I had fun, I got stronger and I didn’t blow up like a beluga whale not doing my cardio daily. I actually did a long run yesterday out of curiosity as since I haven’t been running I wanted to see if I had “lost it” but I was surprised that I ran 15km with no rest with no problems.
My experience with this plan I will try to use what I gained to create my next phase of training smarter and apply what I have experimented with.

I think due to your advice I will quit complaining and just do a period with little leg training and focus on what needs building more which is my upper body.
I think I need more upper body work combined with metabolic cardio and some long slow cardio (maybe just not so many).

So thanks for the programs, I really hope Biotest keeps you on the blog.
It’s been a fun experiment and your articles rock!

Your friend in fitness,